Message from President

Central Co., Ltd., specializing in construction equipment rental, has been in the business for 40 years since 1973. Due to faithful support and trust from our customers, we have experienced outstanding growth over the years, and we really appreciate it. Thank you so much for believing in our company.
Besides taking pride in providing quality small-to-medium sized construction equipments, which is our speciality, along with reliable service, we have developed broad product line ranging from office equipments to large earth moving equipments to fit to customers°« needs.
Based on our philosophy °»Put yourself in the customer's shoes,°… we will do our best to better serve you by pursuing on providing high-quality products and services that meet a wide variety of customers' demands.
Last but not least, we really appreciate your great support and look forward to continuing to serve you again.

Etsumi Takahashi, President

Company Profile

Company Name Central Co., Ltd.
Head Office 179, Keshozaka, Natsuta, Isawa-ku, Oshu-shi, Iwate-ken, 023-0401 Japan
Telephone Number +81-197-46-3939 Fax Number +81-197-46-3900
Date of Establishment October 10th, 1973 Capitalization 30 million yen (Paid-in Capital)
Fiscal Year-end May 31st Number of Employees 100
Representative Etsumi Takahashi, President
Line of Business Rental and service of construction equipments and related products
Correspondent bank Bank of Iwate The Mizusawa branch
Mizusawa credit bank Head office
Branches & Factories Iwate Prefecture
10 branches - Morioka, Hanamaki, Kitakami, Mizusawa, Ichinoseki, Ofunato, Kamaishi, Miyako, Kuji, Ninohe
2 factories - Service Center (Mizusawa), Mizusawa Shohin Center

Miyagi Prefecture
5 branches - Sendai, Taiwa, Tsukidate, Kesennuma, Ishinomaki

Akita Prefecture
1 branch -°°Akita